ALFA Announces Reorganization


The ALFA Board of Directors voted on October 20, 2014 to approve a restructuring of the organization that will allow ALFA to continue to fulfill its mission without replacing the Executive Director who resigned in May. The new management model reassigns responsibilities formerly those of the Executive Director to key ALFA staff. Responsibilities for board relations and staff management will be assigned to Martha Gantt, CFO/COO. Responsibilities for fundraising and donor/community relations will be assigned to Annie Earle, Programming and Events Director. Responsibilities for education and outreach management will be assigned to Linda Sheehan, Education and Outreach Director along with new grant writing responsibilities. The current interim Executive Director, Adria Cline, will continue to be responsible for client case management along with additional grant writing responsibilities as the Medical Case Management Supervisor, and Thom Hutchens will continue as Volunteer Coordinator.


We are grateful for the patience of both the ALFA family and staff as the Board considered all available options. The Board would also like to thank the members of the Organizational Analysis Committee who, at the Board’s request, reviewed all potential options and recommended the one most likely to succeed. They included former Board members Ed Farthing and Ralph Doernberg, current Board members Michelle Mace, Leslie Cothren, and Mary Elizabeth Geitner and David Boone, CFO and Senior VP at Catawba Valley Medical Center. Organizational changes will become effective January 1, 2015.


The Board of Directors along with the ALFA staff is committed to ensuring that ALFA continues to fulfill its mission to serve those impacted by HIV/AIDS and to reduce its incidence through education and testing. The need has never been greater. Already in 2014 ten new cases have been identified, ten times the number identified in 2013. There are many challenges ahead, but with commitment, collaboration, and clarity of purpose, we can achieve our goal of “getting to zero.”

~ALFA Board of Directors