I Tested Positive. Now What?

HIV testing

If a test is reactive to  HIV a second test would be performed using a different brand for a retest. If that test is reactive as well that is considered a confirmatory test.  Your test counselor will answer any questions you may have and support you in your next steps.

ALFA staff can assist you with setting up your first medical appointment, medical case management, and assistance with other resources you may require.

ALFA offers a variety of services to people living with HIV to improve health and well being at no charge. See Services Overview for more information.

ALFA is here for you! For over 30 years, ALFA has been providing supportive services to people living with HIV.

HepC testing

If you receive a reactive result on a rapid HepC test, you will need a confirmatory lab test to determine if you have an active case of HepC.  In most cases, ALFA  staff can perform this in our office.  If your lab work indicates an active infection,  ALFA staff can refer you to a medical provider for affordable treatment and medication. ALFA has limited funding to assist with expenses.

STI testing

If your STI results indicate an active infection, ALFA staff will refer you to resources for affordable treatment and medication.