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Hepatitis C or Hep C is a liver disease that causes inflammation or swelling of the liver. It is cause by the Hepatitis C  virus. Hep C starts as an acute short-term infection, generally with no symptoms. For most people it will progress to a chronic infection, which means that the virus stays in the body for many years. Chronic  Hepatitis C will  eventually lead to serious liver damage and death. You may not feel sick after an exposure. However, your liver can still be damaged without any symptoms.

Hepatitis C is spread through contact with infected blood.

You should be screened for Hepatitis C if you have a history of any of the below.

  • Sharing equipment for using drugs- needles, syringes, works, straws, etc
  • Piercings or tattooing using infected needles or ink
  • Having unprotected sex with someone infected
  • Blood transfusion before 1992
  • Baby Boomers-People born between 1945 and 1965


HepC is curable!

ALFA provides Rapid HepC Antibody Test. This tests whether or not you have been exposed to the Hepatitis C in your lifetime. A positive result does not  necessarily mean you have an active infection.

If your test is reactive to HepC antibodies, it is important to get a confirmatory test done at your local health department or personal care provider. They will be able to determine if the virus is active, and connect you to treatment and payment assistance plans to help pay for medication.


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