Make a Difference this Holiday Season! Join us in our Holiday Adoption Program.


ALFA’s Holiday Adoption Program is designed to provide gifts for the children of ALFA who are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.  Often, it is very difficult for parents, who are living with HIV/AIDS, to afford gifts for their kids this time of year.  When they have to struggle with high medical costs, bills, rent, food, and gas prices, it can be impossible to enjoy the holidays.  Some may have to choose between heat or presents during the season. This program offers an opportunity to help some clients spend a nice holiday season with their family.

To sign up to adopt, contact Adria Cline at 828-322-1447 ext. 226, or by Wednesday, November 26.  You decide how many children you would like to adopt.  You will be matched up anonymously with a family, and given first name(s), age(s), shoe and clothing sizes, and wants/needs.  The gifts should then be wrapped (with the first name on each package) and dropped off at the ALFA office by Friday, December 19.